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AD Oracle Manager  v.1.0

Management of users, tables and views for an oracle database behind active directory. Management of users, groups and computer for an Active Directory shema. Management of external users trough Active Directory for Oracle

Database .NET  v.5. 2. 4285

Database .NET is a simple and intuitive database management tool for multiple databases, It makes Local and Remote database administration easier without installing anything. With it you can Create databases, Design tables, Edit data, Analyze SQL,

CUBRID Database Server  v.3.1

CUBRID is a comprehensive open-source database management system (DBMS) highly optimized for Web Applications, especially when complex business services process large amount of data and generate huge concurrent requests.

NBA Scores Database  v.1.0

NBA DB is a free database management system for NBA scores. The current database contains results from 1989 to 2003 and may be modified by

Kiosk Database Manager  v.0.92

A light weight MySQL database manager. Supports table creation, database management,

OciMonitor - SQL Tracer for Oracle OCI  v.rc.2009.09.24

Tool for monitoring of OCI client applications [f.e.: TOAD/TOra, or any OCI-based fat client] interaction with Oracle Database. Monitors SQL statements and values passed/fetched. Consist of GUI [C#] and events handler [C++]. Similar to Quest

Oracle Utilities  v.0.02

Collection of utilities for Oracle database users. First drop includes 2 tools: 1. OraPLSQLExporter - exports PLSQL objects and view from multiple schemas at one into directory structure. It comes with console and SWT GUI version. 2. OraExporter -

Recovery Platform for Oracle databases  v.1

The major challenge we intend to face with the help of the Recovery Platform is the validation of backups sent to tape. The platform is designed to perform restores of different Oracle database server versions from 9i to 11g on Unix

Sedna Native XML Database  v.64

Sedna is a native full-featured XML database management

Remote gnu database manager  v.2.1.42

This is a network server daemon and client library for the standard GNU GDBM(3) transaction oriented database management interface, which itself incorporates Berkeley DBM. It extends GDBM to operate over the network.

Extract of Data from Oracle Data Files  v.1.0

A program in Java, which is capable to extract table data from datafiles of Oracle Database without using Oracle RDBMS or any Oracle Client software.

Files 'n Folders Database  v.1.0

Files 'n Folders Database is an associative database management system stored as multiple files and folders, written in PHP. Full compatibility with SQL-reliant applications is planned, but not yet implemented.

JSpeed - Fast Embedded Java Database  v.1.0

JSpeed -- Java-based Open-Source Embedded Database Management System supporting network database model with limited relational access. JSpeed's goal is to provide a high-speed embedded database written in 100 percent Java. Key management uses ...

DBPlot (Database and CSV Plot)  v.1.0

A great tool to quickly visualize data. Currently support MySQL and csv files with drag-drop and data type inference capabilities. Next major version will support SQLite and PostgreSQL with some advanced features for database management and ...

Essential Management  v.1.0

Tracks project details using a variety of data options. Primarily designed to contain and organize software requirements in a multi-project, multi-user, environment using a networked SQL compliant database management system while tracking changes.

KOutPost - DB Management for KDE  v.1.0

KOutPost is a PostGreSQL database management application designed especially for KDE. It provides full database and table managment as well as server control. This application fully integrates with the KInterDev IDE.

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